Time To Go To Work.

This past week, I received two things in the mail:

  1. My official acceptance into the 2014 Boston Marathon
  2. My Boston Children’s Hospital Miles for Miracles team jersey

After receiving each package, I definitely had a moment where I felt chills all over my body and things got even more serious. My confirmation of acceptance made me think about the goal I set several years ago to run the Boston Marathon before I turned 30 – and now it’s happening. I also thought about last April and stating that I would run the 2014 Boston Marathon – and now it’s happening. My Miles for Miracles team jersey made me think about everything my Patient Partner Jack has been through – and running this for him. My jersey also made me think about everyone who has supported my run and donated to the cause – and running this with them. I think it’s safe to say, checking the mail has never given me such a whirlwind of emotions.

To see my name on the BAA website, listed as a 2014 Boston Marathon runner is awesome. To have Jack’s name on the back of my jersey is awesome. I wore the jersey during the Hyannis Half Marathon this past weekend and it made me happy knowing that people knew why I was there just by looking at me. They knew what team I am on, who I am running for, and what I am training for.

From now through Marathon Monday, this jersey will serve as a constant reminder to myself. If and when I think I might be hitting a wall, I will look at my jersey and be reminded of those three things – Boston Children’s Miles for Miracles, Jack, and Boston. And then, I will keep going.

If you’d like to help kids get the care and treatment they need, while simultaneously providing support and encouragement in my marathon run, please click here: http://fundraise.childrenshospital.org/goto/vdigirolamo. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance! And thanks again to all of you who have already donated! 🙂

55 days to go…


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