Getting Closer.

This past Saturday was BCH’s Miles for Miracles 17-mile team run. The entire route was along the actual marathon course, which was great. It helped me get somewhat familiar with the course and learn a little bit about what to expect in April.

While the entire run was a great experience, here are my top ten moments:

1) Upon checking in with the team leader, being told I have the best name on the team.

2) Finding out the USA hockey team beat Russia before starting the run. Added inspiration.

3) For the second time, in two chances, “Started From the Bottom” randomly came on my iPod as I started running up Heartbreak Hill.

4) The tips/insight I received from two team members at the post run get-together:

  • “Pace yourself.”
  • “Stay away from the water hoses. Wet sneakers will make it harder to run.”
  • “After a certain point, you will won’t want to hear another cowbell for a very long time.”

5) The five high fives I got from strangers.

6) The point where I was able to notice the Citgo sign and see the green of Fenway Park.

7) Running the route with no spectators, while thinking about the insane number of people that will line those very streets on Marathon Monday.

8) Choosing to run on the sidewalk on Boylston, to avoid crossing over the finish line. (I’m saving that.)

9) The instruction given before starting the run: “Just run until you see Boston.”

10) Getting one mile closer.

This run was definitely another step in the right direction. As the marathon gets closer and closer, I actually find that the training is becoming more and more exciting/fun to me. I no longer think of it as “just another run.” It’s as is each run is a piece of a giant 2014 Boston Marathon puzzle that I am working on. Man, I can’t wait to complete that puzzle.

As with my training, I’m getting closer to reaching my fundraising goal as well. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, I am almost 60% of the way to my goal of $5,000.  If you’d like to help support a great cause, while simultaneously contributing to my run, donations can be made here:

Thank you in advance for any and all support!!

61 days to go…