Long Run Saturdays.

When it comes to long runs, my whole approach is to just run as far away from home as possible. Because then, I need to turn around and run back – essentially doubling the distance.

Now, I make that sound way easier than it is. Long runs, among many things, are long. Which means there are a lot of instances before reaching that turn around point where I fight myself. “You didn’t stretch enough, turn around.” “Your knee hurts, stop running.” “You’re just not that into this.” “Blah. Stop.” It’s at these moments that I remind myself that these long runs are crucial in order for me to get myself ready for Marathon Monday. So, I keep going.

Per my training schedule, Saturdays are designated for “long runs.” And yesterday I was slated to run 16 miles. Previously, my longest run ever was 15 miles – and that was almost a year ago. So, looking at any run in the neighborhood of 14+ miles intimidates me a little bit. But, I know that I need these runs. I need them to help me build my endurance so that I’m ready come Marathon Monday.

So I set out yesterday and headed to my favorite long run spot – the Charles River. I love running to and along the Charles because it makes me feel a little like Rocky running through my city. Now, people may not necessarily be shouting my name and flocks of kids may not be running after me – but that’s besides the point. I also like running there because I can just keep running straight until I reach the point where I have to turn around.

I’m happy to say, that point came after running a little more than 8 miles yesterday. Which meant that I had to run another 8 to get back. Which, for you non-math whizzes and other people who didn’t figure it out from the picture, means I ran 16 miles! This was a new personal record for me, so I am really excited about that.

Based on the way the schedule is structured, I will break this record 4 times before the marathon (maxing out at 21 miles). So that means during the last 5.2 miles on Marathon Monday, each step will be a new personal record.

While I work on upping my mileage, it would be incredibly awesome if you could please help me work on upping my fundraising dollars. Again, I am running for a great cause and all of the money I raise will go toward helping kids at Boston Children’s Hospital. I am almost 50% to my overall goal, so any and all contributions are very much appreciated. Donations  can be made by clicking here: Vince Runs Boston Fundraising. And, please feel free to share this across your social circles. 🙂 Thank you in advance!

70 days to go…


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