So, here we go.

I’m on a bus heading for Hopkinton. A little more than one year after deciding to run the 2014 Boston Marathon, the day is finally here.

I’m sitting here listening to the conversations other people on the bus are having. Two guys are talking about traveling the world. Two other people are talking about the course. A group of people behind me are talking about their prep and what they did last night. I’ll be honest, hearing one lady say she went to be at the time I was in the middle of dinner heightens the nerves just a bit. Regardless, I’m ready.

[Bus driver does his thing and gets us to Hopkinton]

Now, I’m sitting in the Boston Children’s team meeting place in Hopkinton. Everyone around is getting ready to go – taping up their body, writing on their jersey, eating breakfast, hydrating, chit chatting. Doing anything to pass the time until it’s go time.

Things don’t really get going for a few hours, but the excitement is already palpable. I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like in a few hours. As for what it’s going to be like on the course, I cannot even imagine. But, I certainly cannot wait to find out.

If you looked up a list of all the emotions a human being can feel, I’m pretty sure I am feeling all of them right now (I’ve already cried a little at least four times). Emotions are sure to run high (understatement) all day today – before, during, and even after the run. And not just for the runners, but for everyone. This is more than just a long run. So much more. This is about a city and its people. An awesome city and it’s awesome people.

I’m thinking back to the first time I met Jack and his parents. I remember his father, Joe, talking to me about how amazing the people at Boston Children’s Hospital are and all about the work they did to save his son’s life. He told me about a quote he saw on the wall at the hospital and I never forgot it. “It’s amazing what can happen when nobody takes credit.” This was the quote. He said the people at Children’s embodied this quote. And when I think about it, the people of Boston and the people involved I this marathon also embody this quote. Sure, there will be “winners,” but in reality, today, we all win. Boston wins.

I’m definitely going to write something after this is all said and done, but before it starts, I want to say thank you. Thank to everyone who supported me, high fived, hugged, shook my hand, wrote, texted, emailed, called, got in touch with me somehow to wish me luck. You have all played a role in getting me here and getting me to that finish line. Words cannot express how grateful and lucky I am to have such awesome people in my life. Thank you.

-0 days to go