Dear Boston.

Dear Boston,

How are you?

The past year has been pretty crazy, huh? You and your family have been put through the ringer. But, despite everything, you’ve continued to stand tall. I admire that so much. Not to mention, you’re better looking than ever before – and you’ve always been very good looking, so that says a lot. You refused to let a bad situation get the best of you. That’s one of the many things I learned from you a long time ago. No matter what, you stay strong and keep going.

I wanted to write you this letter to tell how happy I am to know you. I’ve known you my whole life and for that, I am very grateful. You are a huge part of who I am – the way I carry myself, the way I approach life, the unwavering sense of pride and passion I put forth in everything I do, the sports teams I actually consider myself a part of, definitely the way I talk, and so much more. I love all of it. I wouldn’t change one thing.

I love being able to call you home. There’s no place I’d rather be from. I’ve been other places, and they can’t even compare. This might be hard to picture, but some places I’ve been to have very organized, grid-like, streets. Other places have no clue what a rotary is. And, I hope you’re sitting down, because people in some places actually wait for the walk signal before crossing the street. Crazy, right? No, thank you. I love the beauty in your imperfection. I love that people here just understand how crossing streets should really work. I love that some people think we speak a different language. And to be honest, that’s fine. I don’t want to talk like anybody else. I want to talk like us.

I’m also writing to you tell you that I’m looking forward to sharing one of the best, most meaningful days of my life with you very soon. In just a few days, I’m going to run a really long distance – 26.2 miles to be exact. It’s the Boston Marathon, ever hear of it? Who am I kidding, of course you have. Oh, it’s not just me either. 35,999 of my friends will be running with me. A lot of them I’ve never met before, but I think I’m fairly outgoing and personable (thanks to you), so I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.

It will be the most I’ve ever run, which is a little daunting, but I’m confident I will get it done. I’ve received an amazing amount of support from so many people. I really couldn’t have done it with out them. Not to mention, the people who will line the streets that day, cheering us on. Plus, I know you will be there supporting and inspiring us on Monday as well. I can’t think of a better boost.

So, thank you. Thank you for being you. I really hope you realize what a tremendous influence and inspiration you have been in my life. I am so incredibly proud to be a Bostonian. Thanks to you, I will always be Boston Strong. Bet on it.

Boston, you are my home.

Love Always,