Training for Boston.

Typically, the winter offers numerous reasons to not get outside and run – It’s cold. It’s snowing. It’s really cold. It snowed three days ago. It’s not Spring. It’s cold.

Not this year. Training for the Boston Marathon means I have to confront the weather, whatever it may be, and just run. When I first started talking about running the marathon, my brother passed along the following article to me. I love this article. It does a phenomenal job of describing what it’s like training for the Boston Marathon in the winter: Cold Feat.

I love how it talks about the kinship among runners. The simple head nod I give/get as I run by somebody else is a sign of mutual respect. It also always gives me a little boost and sense of motivation to keep going. If they’re doing it, then I can do it too.

I also love how the article mentions the stares you get from people as you run by. I love these stares. They also give me a boost and motivation to keep going, because it reinforces the fact that I am not inside. I’m out running and training for the marathon. Not to mention, I know that the people staring are absolutely thinking: “They must be crazy. Must be training for Boston.”

Well, people, you are correct. I am crazy. And, I am training for Boston.

Please help support my run. Many thanks in advance!

75 days to go… 


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