Make a difference.

You may have heard that Jacoby Ellstupidbury (my new name for him) recently signed a deal with the stupid Yankees. After hearing the details of his deal, I couldn’t help but draw a comparison to my life. Here is what I realized:

  • Jacoby signed a deal with the stupid Yankees
  • I signed a deal with Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Jacoby’s deal is for $153 million
  • My deal is for $5,000 (for you non-math wizards, that’s .0033% of his deal – with rounding up)
  • Jacoby’s money will likely go toward buying things such as houses that are unnecessarily big and way too many cars
  • My money will go toward helping sick kids receive the best medical attention in the world
  • Jacoby can’t grow a full beard
  • I can

It’s crazy to me how much money athletes make. It’s even crazier to me, how everyone acts like it’s so great when they donate $[insert any amount of money that’s less than one million dollars here]. Let’s be serious. These guys are multi-millionaires. They could easily donate at least $1 million and not even notice the difference in their bank accounts. I could go on and on about this, but I won’t. You get my point.

So, while we may not be millionaires (no offense), we 100% can absolutely make a difference in this world. Please help make a difference by donating to my marathon run for the Boston Children’s Hospital. Donations and words of encouragement can be made here:

Thank you for your support!

137 days to go…