Let me help you, help me.

As part of my marathon run, I’m raising money for Boston Children’s Hospital. My goal is set at $5,000, and in order to get there, I need help from you. Now, I know there are a number of reasons (excuses) as to why this might not be a good time for you to donate some of your hard earned cash money. BUT! You’re in luck. I’m here to help you figure out how you can find a way to contribute.

Here are 8 simple ways that you can save $25 this week: https://www.mint.com/blog/saving/8-ways-to-save-25-this-week-0713/. While not all of these may apply to you, this article will certainly get you thinking of other ways you can save. On top of that, I highly recommend gathering up your spare change and heading to your nearest coinstar machine. I took a ziploc bag of spare change to a coinstar last week, and walked away with a cool $54. Of course, you could roll the change yourself and take it to the bank, but let’s be serious, ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, I’ve done my part in giving you ideas on how to save money. Now, please do your part and help support me and the Boston Children’s Hospital by donating to my marathon run. Here is the link to my fundraising page: http://www.milesformiracles.org/goto/vdigirolamo. And for the record, I wouldn’t hate it if you shared this link with others.

Please note, donations above $25 are also accepted and certainly not frowned upon. Thank you in advance for any and all donations!! It truly means a lot to me.

152 days to go…



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